Each company keeps a record of control and monitoring of Kg of reusable material and waste, as well as its final destination. We legally certify the collection of the material and we advise companies on the performance of companies in the face of establishment of environmental standards such as ISO 14001, internal audits and environmental inspection . A contractual relationship is established by means of which the delivery of material to a legally authorized management company is justified.

Route to manage your waste legally

1. Contract

The contract is sealed by both parties: CT-1

2. Pickup

The material is collected

3. Certification

The kg withdrawn and the date are certified and sent through the CR-1

4. Authentication

An Excel file is generated with all the collections including that of the beneficiary of the service and sent to the Sustainability Department

These four steps are necessary to legally manage a collection.

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What do we want?


With the environmental regulations on waste


Making a proper separation of waste


On the importance of a proper environmental management.


Any accident that may have an environmental impact on the environment.

We have official authorizations to offer you a legal waste collection service

Waste Management Authorization:

It allows us to transport these residues encoded as LER 080313 and 080318

Non-Hazardous Waste Carrier Authorization:

It allows us to manage them in a physical location such as our ship.

Waste Carrier AuthorizationWaste Carrier Authorization
Non-Hazardous Waste Carrier Authorization 2Non-Hazardous Waste Carrier Authorization 2

Our job, in the area that concerns us, is to facilitate as much as possible the means so that things are done well.

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