If you have empty printer cartridges, or disused full toners and you have wondered, Who buys empty ink cartridges? strong> ? or Who buys disused full cartridges ? Well, you are in the best place. We collect printer cartridges and toners throughout Spain and all aroun Europe, and we also do it well.


"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Albert Einstein.

We simplify the processes in such a way that the management is as comfortable as possible for the client. We understand that easy solutions are the right ones.


We contact you according to agreed deadlines in order to specify the feasibility of a collection .You can also get in touch and we will quickly attend to your request.


We facilitate the storage of this material and its subsequent transport with ECOBOX [ / tooltip] that are deemed necessary.


We pass and We collect [/ tooltip] the material previously agreed upon in a period not exceeding 72 hours in the peninsula. We take care of the expenses. We also collect in the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany and any country of the EU.


The receipt of the product implies several steps[/ tooltip]depending on the type of collection. The optimal destination of this material its recycling with guarantees of use similar to that of the original cartridge.

You will receive an automatic notice of your merchandise in our warehouse.


We provide the Documents [/ tooltip] that the company needs as a producer for the management of its product.

Guaranteed count before 15 days

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